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Laura Zapata Biography
Laura Zapata (born c. 1960) is a famous Mexican telenovela actress. She has acted at Televisa productions most of her life.

Zapata is the half sister of singer Thalia and of Ernestina Sodi, a famous writer. Zapata was the first one of the family to gain international fame, acting in such soap operas as Rosalinda, Pobre Nina Rica and, specially, Rosa Salvaje, alongside Veronica Castro. In Maria Mercedes, one of Thalia's first soap operas, she opposed her sister, playing a villain. She is equally known for her jobs as a villain as she is for her works as a good person.

On September of 2002, Zapata and her sister Ernestina were kidnapped and taken to an unspecified location. The news of their kidnapping made headlines across Latin America and among the Spanish speaking television channels of the United States. Thalia is married to billionaire Tommy Mottola, so it was speculated that their captors would ask for a large sum of money.

Instead, Zapata was released ten days after her kidnapping, and her sister Ernestina five days after Zapata.

In January of 2004, Zapata once again made headlines; gossip shows talked about an alleged dispute between her and her sisters about Zapata's intentions to make a play based on her and Ernestina's kidnapping. Zapata ultimately announced she will put that project on hold and concentrate on another play, one which stars former Menudo Johnny Lozada.
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