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Alec Waugh Biography
Alexander Raban Waugh - Alec Waugh (July 8, 1898 - September 3, 1981), was a British novelist, the elder brother of the better-known Evelyn Waugh.

Waugh was born in London, England, and educated at Sherborne, a public school in Dorset. In 1915, he joined the armed forces, but did not see action in the First World War until Passchendaele. The result of his experiences was his first, semi-autobiographical novel, Loom of Youth (1917), which harked back to his schooldays.

Other Books

Wheels Within Wheels (1933)
Where the Clock Chimes Twice (1952)
Island in the Sun (1975) (travel book)
My Brother Evelyn and Other Portraits (1976)
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