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Watanabe Kazumi Biography
Kazumi Watanabe was born on October 14, 1953 in Tokyo, Japan. He is a jazz, instrumental rock, and blues performer. Similar jazz performers are Jamaaladeen Tacuma, John Scofield, and Arturo Sandoval.

Infinite (1972)
Endless Way (1974)
Milky Shade (1976)
Lonesome Cat (1977)
Olives Step (1977)
Mermaid Boulevard (1978)
Kylyn (1979)
To Chi Ka (1980)
Dogatana (1981)
Mobo, Vol. 1 (1982)
Mobo, Vol. 2 (1983)
Mobo Club (1983)
Mobo Splash (1985)
Good Time For Love (1986)
Spice Of Life (1987)
Spice Of Life II (1988)
Kilowatt (1989)
Pandora (1992)
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