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Edgar Wallace Biography
Richard Horatio Edgar Wallace (April 1, 1875 - February 10, 1932) was a British crime writer, journalist and playwright.

Probably born in London, he was found abandoned at the age of nine days in Billingsgate by a fishmonger, who subsequently brought him up as his own son. His career started as a war correspondent for the Daily Mail in the Boer War, following which he turned his hand to writing crime thrillers at a prolific rate. He is generally credited with inventing the modern thriller novel. He wrote an immense number of novels in the last ten years of his life and his output is often compared to that of other prolific authors, such as Isaac Asimov.

He died in Hollywood on 10th February 1932 of pneumonia while working on King Kong and is buried in Little Marlow, England.

Literary Works
The Four Just Men (1905)
Sanders of the River (1911)
Bones (1915)
The Green Archer (1926)

The Ringer
The Squeaker
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