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Ville Valo Biography
Ville Valo (born November 22, 1976) is the frontman of the Finnish rock band HIM (His Infernal Majesty).

Greatest Lovesongs vol. 666

Your Sweet Six Six Six 04:10
Wicked Game 03:53
The Heartless 04:01
Our Diabolikal Rapture 05:20
It's All Tears (Down In This Love) 03:37
When Love And Death Embrace 06:09
The Beginning Of The End 06:07
(Don' t Fear) The Reaper 06:23
For You 03:59
Razorblade Romance

I love you (Prelude to Tragedy) 3:09
Poison girl 3:51
Join me (Album Version) 3:36
Right here in my arms 4:03
Gone with the sin 4:21
Razorblade kiss 4:18
Bury me deep inside 4:16
Heaven tonight 3:18
Death is in love with us 2:58
Resurrection 3:39
One Last Time 5:10
Deep Shadows, Brilliant Highlights

Salt in our wounds
Heartache every moment
Lose you tonight
In joy and sorroww
Close to the flame
Please don't let it go
Don't close your heart
Love you like I do
"Love Metal"

Buried Alive By Love
The Funeral Of Hearts
Beyond Redemption
Sweet Pandemonium
Soul On Fire
The Sacrament
This Fortress Of Tears
Circle Of Fear
Endless Dark
The Path
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