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Ruben Urrutia Biography
Ruben Urrutia (born circa 1960), better known in the Spanish rap music world as Ruben DJ, is a Puerto Rican former rap star who became famous in the late 1980s.

Rap music in Puerto Rico was becoming popular in 1988, after a decade where various other types of popular music, such as pop, heavy metal, teen pop (as evidenced by Las Cheris, Los Chamos, Los Chicles, Los Chicos, Menudo and other teen groups of the time), had experienced much popularity in the island.

Ruben DJ released his single "La Escuela" (The School) in 1989, becoming an instant sensation. The song's lyrics encouraged children to stay in school, and the song became a major hit on Puerto Rican and international radio. After Ruben DJ scored that hit, Vico C followed with La Recta Final.

Ruben DJ himself became a celebrity nationwide in Puerto Rico, appearing on the covers of Vea, Teve Guia, Estrellitas, Artistas and many other leading gossip magazines, apart from being interviewed multiple times by local newspapers. He toured all over Latin America and the United States with La Escuela, and he performed in Spain and other points of Europe.

Ruben DJ became a one hit wonder, as his subsequent efforts failed to gain the attention that "La Escuel" did. Ultimately, he disappeared from the public eye and has led a private life ever since.
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