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Gabrielle Union Biography
Gabrielle Monique Union (born October 29, 1973 in Omaha, Nebraska), better known as Gabrielle Union, is a famous African-American actress. She has had many notable roles, including that of a cheerleader in the Bring it On movie. She also played a medical doctor in the CBS show, City of Angels.

Union moved at the age of eight to Pleasantown, California. She proved to be athletic there, excelling at basketball, soccer and Track & Field as a high schooler.

Union wanted to become a lawyer, not an actress, and she attended the University of Nebraska before moving on to Cuesta College. She ended up her university journeys at UCLA, and she decided to join a modelling agency to earn extra credits at that university.

Union was asked by the agency to sign on with them as a new model. She needed money to pay off some college loans and debts, and she eventually signed to become a model. Soon after, she landed a job at one chapter of the popular television series, Saved by the Bell.

With the 1999 release of Bring it On, where she plays a teenaged cheerleader alongside Kirsten Dunst, Union gained wide exposure. Her new fame landed her on magazine covers and talk shows, and she gained the respect of many movie fans.

Gabrielle Union has participated in a considerable number of television shows and movies. She graduated from UCLA with a grade in sociology, and is married to Chris Howard.
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