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Roger Taylor Biography
Roger Andrew Taylor (born April 26, 1960) is the drummer for the pop band Duran Duran.

He was born in Birmingham, England and joined Duran Duran in 1979, and climbed with them to fame and fortune in the early 1980s. After their massive round-the-world tour in 1984, he was burned out and exhausted. He worked that year with Duran bandmates Simon Le Bon and Nick Rhodes on the album So Red The Rose for their side project Arcadia, but that band never toured, and he did not participate in its promotion. He played a one-offshow with Duran at the Live Aid benefit concert in Philadelphia, but at the end of 1985, temporarily retired to the English countryside with his wife and children.

In 1994, he joined Duran Duran in France to play drums on a couple of tracks for the covers album Thank You.

In 1997, after his children were grown, taylor began flirting with the music industry again. He briefly formed the band Freebass, which produced a single but never got a record deal.

In 2001, Taylor rejoined Duran Duran, as all five of the original members reunited to record new material.
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