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Vebjorn Tandberg Biography
Vebjorn Tandberg, (September 16, 1904-August 30, 1978) founded the Tandberg radio factory of Oslo, Norway in 1933, and made it a great success.

In addition to his technical and commercial achievements, Tandberg was a pioneer in providing good conditions for his workforce. He instituted a 42 hour week and 3 weeks yearly vacation for all in 1937, and a free pension and health insurance scheme for all from 1938. A 4 week vacation for all employees over 40 years of age was introduced in 1947, while the working week was reduced to 39 hours in 1948. There was a five day work week during the summer months from 1955, over the full year from 1969.

His life ended under tragic circumstances, after financial problems at Tandberg had left him without control, and he was literally closed out.
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