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Steven Saylor Biography
Steven Saylor (born 1956) is an American writer of historical novels. He is a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin.

Although he also has written novels about Texas history, Saylor's best-known work by far is his Roman Sub Rosa series, set in ancient Rome. The novels' hero is a detective named Gordianus the Finder, active during the time of Sulla, Cicero, Julius Caesar, and Cleopatra.

The series includes:

Roman Blood, in which Gordianus is hired by the great orator and advocate Cicero
The House Of the Vestals (a collection of short stories which appeared later, but which take place between the first book and the second)
Arms Of Nemesis, about the slave revolt of Spartacus
Catilina's Riddle, featuring Cicero and the title character
The Venus Throw, featuring the poet Catullus
A Murder On the Appian Way, set just before the civil war between Caesar and Pompey
Rubicon, after Caesar crosses the Rubicon and disperses the Senate
Last Seen In Massilia
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