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Aranxta Sanchez Vicario Biography
Aranxta Sanchez Vicario (born June 18, 1971) is a former tennis player from Barcelona, Spain. She is the sister of Javier and Emilio Sánchez, also professional tennis players.

In 1989, the then virtually unknown Sánchez-Vicario joined Michael Chang of the United States in making tennis history: At the age of seventeen, both players became the youngest ever to win the French Open titles, Aranxta winning the women's version one day before Michael's men's championship.

Aranxta Sánchez-Vicario went on to become the number one player in the world by 1995, and she returned to that spot several times before the end of her career. After her brother Emilio retired, he became her coach. She competed in the Olympic Games three times, and was one of tennis' most prominent celebrities during the 1990s.

Aranxta Sánchez-Vicario got married, and soon after, in 2003, she shocked many tennis experts and fans by announcing her retirement from the courts, saying she would rather stay at home and travel only when her presence was required.

Grand Slam titles
French Open,3 times
US Open, once
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