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Fernando and Nefty Sallaberry Biography
Oscar Neftaly Sallaberry (Nefty) and Fernando Ramon Sallaberry, brothers, were part of the original Puerto Rican band Menudo. Nefty started at age 13, and stayed in the group until he was 15. He's being called 'The man who almost was" because he was one of the Menudo members who couldn't enjoy the best times of the group and he is the least remembered. Fernando started in the group at age 11, he continued as a solist, after leaving the group at age 15. Fernando was one of the primary voices in the group.

Fernando as a solist became popular in Puerto Rico and in South America.

Fernando is very ill nowadays. Although his family hasn't revealed what disease he is suffering, he was discovered in a hospital bed by Vea in 1998. Under his health condition. it is hard for him to move and he has needed his family's assistance for the last few years.
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