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Sabrina actress Biography
Sabrina is the pseudonym of Norma Ann Sykes, British actress and model, born approximately 1936. Sabrina's main claim to fame was her large bust.

Although the date of Sabrina's birth is uncertain, her birthplace is known to have been Stockport, England. She came to London in 1952 as a teenager, and did some nude modelling, the evidence of which she later tried to destroy. In 1955, she played the dumb blonde sidekick in Arthur Askey's new ITV series, Before Your Very Eyes, and this soon made her a household name.

Although she appeared in a few films and even made recordings as a singer, Sabrina admitted to being untalented. During her years of fame, she toured the world, eventually settling down to marriage in 1967 with Harold Melsheimer, a Hollywood plastic surgeon. They divorced ten years later, but Sabrina continued to live in the USA.
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