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Robin Quivers Biography
Robin Ophelia Quivers (born August 8, 1952) is a talk show host and one of Howard Stern's side-kicks on his show, The Howard Stern Show. Quivers was born in Baltimore, Maryland.

Quivers has been in the radio business since 1980, joining Stern in 1981. Prior to her radio career, she was a nurse in the United States Air Force, rising to the rank of Captain. Quivers has been witness to Stern's antics, such as the time he called Air Florida to ask for a one way fare from Washington's National Airport to the 14th Street bridge where an Air Florida plane had crashed just one day before. She has also been witness to Stern's interviews with transsexuals, Hollywood stars, porn industry stars and many other people.

Stern was fired a number of times during the 1980s from radio stations because of his antics. Quivers always went along with Stern whenever their show would take them, and, with time, they have formed what seems to be a solid friendship. When Stern's show went on television, Quivers' fame grew, largely because now her face was recognizable.

Quivers lives in Manhattan, New York.
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