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Thomas Dufferin Pattullo Biography
Thomas Dufferin Pattullo (January 19, 1873 - March 30, 1956) was premier of British Columbia, Canada from 1933 to 1941. The Pattullo Bridge is named in his honour.

Pattullo was a journalist with the Woodstock Sentinel in the 1890s and became editor of the Galt Reformer in 1896 when he got a job as secretary to James Morrow Walsh, the Commissioner of the Yukon where he stayed until 1902. In 1908 he moved to Prince Rupert, British Columbia and became mayor and was elected to the provincial legislature in 1916 becoming minister of lands in the Liberal government. With the defeat of the Liberals in 1928, Pattullo became leader of the opposition until 1933 when the party returned to govenrment.

The Pattullo government, elected in the midst of the Great Depression attempted to extend government services and relief to the unemployed. His government was unable to secure a majority in 1941 due, in part, to the rise of the Co-operative Commonwealth Federation. He was unwilling to form a coalition government with the Conservatives so his Liberal Party removed him as leader and formed a coalition despite his objections. In 1945, Pattullo lost his seat in that year's election and retired from politics.
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