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Ludwika Paleta Biography
Ludwika Paleta (born November 28, 1978) is a Polish-Mexican actress who has obtained great popularity in the Latin American country that has been her home for over 20 years. Paleta's sister is also an actress Dominika Paleta. Paleta in a recent interview declared that she loves both Poland and Mexico, but that she does not see herself living outside Mexico in the future. Paleta is fluent in Spanish, Polish and English.

Paleta moved as a child to Mexico. She was taken by her sister to an audition, and she impressed the casting directors so much that soon after, she was offered her first television job, on the children's telenovela Carrousel. This was in 1989, and Paleta's character, María Joaquina, was the villain of the show. Paleta became an instant celebrity with her character, and a sex-symbol among Mexican pre-teen boys.

Three years later, in 1992, she returned to the small screen in what she calls her favorite television job yet, El Abuelo y Yo. This was also a major hit among the Mexican pre-teen and teenaged television audience.

In 1996, Paleta characterized another young villain, Titá, in María la del Barrio, alongside Thalia.

1998 was a very important year for Paleta. Not only did she get to participate in Huracan, alongside Angelica Rivera and Eduardo Palomo, but she also met, during the filming of Huracan, her future husband, actor Plutarco Haza. They married later in the year, and she gave birth to a baby boy in 1999.

Paleta's latest work, as of 2003, has been the equally successful Amigas y Rivales. Amigas y Rivales also became a major international hit, and Ludwika admitted during an interview that she and her co-star in the soap, Puerto Rican actress Adamari Lopez, have become very close friends.
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