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Jose Antonio Paez Biography
José Antonio Páez (June 13, 1790 - May 6, 1873) was born in Venezuela and received a typical education. When he was older he led a group of llaneros in warfare against the Spanish. He also helped Simón Bolívar in his revolt against the last Spanish Dominance in Venezuela. In 1830 Páez declared Venezuela independent from Grand Colombia and became the country's first president. He would also serve as president two more times. Once from 1839-1842 and again from 1861-1863. He was exiled from the country in 1850 and did not return until 1858. In 1861 he became supreme dictator and ruled only for two years when he again went into exile. When Páez went into exile, he moved to New York where he unfortunately died in 1873. He was known as "el borrachito" for his tendency to drink in excess.
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