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Ednita Nazario Biography
Ednita Nazario (born approx. 1954) is a Puerto Rican singer who was born in the city of Ponce. It could be said that, during the 1970s, Nazario represented to many of Puerto Rico's youth what Britney Spears represents to the American youth nowadays. In addition, Puerto Rican magazines like Vea, Teve Guia, Artistas and Estrellita always talked about a supposed rivalty between her and another teenaged Puerto Rican international superstar of the era, Yolandita Monge.

Nazario has been able to sing, among others, in front of Princess Grace of Monaco, by her highness' own request. She has also been in many international publications, and recently, Bolivia's airline, Lloyd Aereo Boliviano (LAB), published a full length article about her and her career on their inflight magazine.

Her discography includes more than twenty titles, plus multiple greatest hits compilations.
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