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Bruce Nauman Biography
Bruce Nauman (born 1941) is a contemporary American artist who works in neon, video art, and other unconventional media.

Some of his better-known works include:

Clown Torture - in separate stacked video screens, a clown screaming "No" repeatedly, a clown telling an annoying child's joke, a clown balancing goldfish bowls, and a clown sitting on a public toilet.
Vices and Virtues - Atop a laboratory building at University of California San Diego, neon signs seven feet tall, alternating the seven vices and seven virtues: FAITH/LUST, HOPE/ENVY, CHARITY/SLOTH, PRUDENCE/PRIDE, JUSTICE/AVARICE, TEMPERANCE/GLUTTONY, and FORTITUDE/ANGER.
The True Artist Helps the World by Revealing Mystic Truths - a spiraling neon sign with this slogan.
Setting a Good Corner - looping video of the artist setting a corner fencepost.
World Peace - five projectors or video players displaying four women and a man each speaking simultaneous monologues about world peace.
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