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Nakasone Yasuhiro Biography
Nakasone Yasuhiro (中曽根 康弘 May 27, 1918 - ) was a Japanese politician and the 71st, 72nd, and 73rd Prime Minister from November 27, 1982 to November 6, 1987.

He was born in Gunma prefecture. He was Minister of Science in 1959 under the governement of Kishi Nobusuke, then Minister of Transport in 1967, head of the Agency of Defense in 1970, Minister of International Trade and Industry in 1972 and Minister of Administration in 1981.

The government of Nakasone
Nakasone gained notoriety among the various non-Japanese ethnic groups in Japan (particularly the sizeable Korean minority) for proclaiming that Japan's success was because it did not have ethnic minorities, like the US. He then clarified his comments, stating that he means to congratulate the US on its economic success despite the presence of "problematic" minorities. Due to this issue, Fujio Masayuki, the Minister of Education, had to resign in 1986. Abe Shintaro was the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

He was replaced by Takeshita Noboru.

In 2003, Nakasone was not given a place on the LDP's electoral list, thereby ending his career as a member of the Diet. The move was widely seen as a blunt and effective attack by Prime Minister Koizumi on the old guard LDP leadership.
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