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Imre Nagy Biography
Imre Nagy (born Kaposvár in the then Austro-Hungarian Empire June 7, 1896, executed June 16, 1958) was Prime Minister of Hungary.

After two years as Prime Minister (1953-1955), Nagy was forced to resign and was expelled from the Communist Party by hardline colleagues as a result of the liberalizing tendency that he showed in this office.

He became Prime Minister again during the brief anti-Soviet revolution in 1956. After he had secured sanctuary in the Yugoslav Embassy, he was captured in violation of a guarantee of free passage and was executed after a secret trial in 1958. He was buried along with others in a distant corner of the Municipal Cemetery to which access was not allowed until 1989. Next to his grave stands a memorial bell inscribed in Latin, Hungarian, German and English. The Latin reads: "Vivos voco Mortuo plango Fulgura frango," which is quaintly translated as: I call the living persons, I mourn for the died persons, I chase the lightnings.

Plot: A cenotaph was placed in Le Pčre Lachaise Cemetery Paris, France as a memorial at a time when the Communist leadership of Hungary would not mark or allow access to his true burial place. In 1989 he was rehabilitated and his remains reburied in a state funeral.
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