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Chuichi Nagumo Biography
Chuichi Nagumo (南雲 忠一 March 25, 1887 - July 6, 1944) was an admiral of the Imperial Japanese Navy. He was the successful commander of the attack on Pearl Harbor, but was defeated at the important Battle of Midway.

After graduating from the Japanese Naval Academy in 1908, he took various jobs (mainly in aircraft carrier tactics) in the IJN, until he gained control of a Japanese Carrier Striking Force. While commanding this force, Nagumo executed the effective attack on Pearl Harbor, and fought well in the 1942 Pacific Theatre campaigns. However, he lost four carriers in the turning point of World War 2 in the Pacific, the Battle of Midway. This led to much criticism, mainly because many Japanese citizens felt that Nagumo had not put forth a whole-hearted effort during the battle. Afterwards, he was placed in command of naval forces in the Marianas, and in the final stages of the US capture of Saipan, committed suicide rather than surrender.
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