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Patrick Macnee Biography
Patrick Macnee (born February 6, 1922) is a British actor.

Despite numerous roles in theatre, on television and in cinema, Macnee is still best known as the inimitable secret agent John Steed in the series The Avengers. Initially a secondary character--the series was conceived as a vehicle for Ian Hendry, who played an associate of Steed's--Steed (and Macnee) became the centre of the show after Hendry's departure at the end of the first season, playing opposite a succession of female partners that included Honor Blackman, Diana Rigg, and Linda Thorson. Steed was also the central character of a revival, The New Avengers, in which he was teamed with characters played by Joanna Lumley and Gareth Hunt.

Other notable roles include his part in the James Bond movie A View to a Kill, a guest role in Alias Smith and Jones, and Battlestar Galactica 's Count Iblis.
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