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Machuchal Biography
Adalberto Rodriguez (1934-1995), better known as Machuchal, was a Puerto Rican comedian.

Rodriguez, in addition to his work as a comedian, was also a parachuter and artist who drew, in 1956, a portrait of Pope Pius XII before the Pope died.

Machuchal was a living example of Puerto Rico's mountain man, known as Jibaro. He would wear a straw hat and a farm worker's shirt for many years on his daily intervention on Telemundo Puerto Rico's mid day show, El Show De Las 12, the straw hat in particular being known as an identifier of Jibaros.

He also participated in La Taverna Budweiser, a show that was sponsored for many years by the famous United States beer. When La Taverna Budweiser moved to WAPA-TV in 1985, Machuchal also moved to Telemundo Puerto Rico's fiercest rival.

Machuchal was also very famous in Mexico, prompting Mexican legend Cantinflas to compliment him, saying that nobody in the world made him laugh like Machuchal did. He also participated in some movies, more notably Machuchal En Nueva York and El Agente 0.

Machuchal also worked alongside other Puerto Rican legends, such as Tommy Muniz, Jose Miguel Agrelot, Elin Ortiz and Eddie Miro.
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