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Arthur Machen Biography
Arthur Machen (March 3, 1863 - March 30, 1947) was a Welsh-born author of horror fiction, writing around the beginning of the 20th century.

Selected works
The Hill of Dreams - Semi-autobiographical, this recounts a young man's dreamy childhood in rural Wales, and his attempts to make a living as an author in the City. Generally thought to be Machen's greatest work.
The Great God Pan (1894) - A woman has her mind destroyed by an attempt to enable her to see the god of nature. Years later, a young woman, Helen Vaughn arrives on the London social scene, disturbing many young men; it transpires that she is the monstrous offspring of the god Pan and the woman of the experiment.
The White People - a young girl's diary, recounting tales told her by her nurse, and her increasingly deep delvings into magic. Often described as one of the greatest of all horror short stories.
The Novel of the Black Seal - somewhat of a precursor of H. P. Lovecraft in its subject matter, the protagonist gradually uncovers the secrets of a hidden pre- and non- human race hiding in the Welsh hills, and the true nature of a hybrid, idiot child fathered by one of them.
The Novel of the White Powder - A man's behavior takes a strange turn after he starts taking a new prescription. His sister doesn't know if this is a good thing or a bad one...
The Inmost Light - A scientist imprisons his wife's soul in a shining jewel, letting something else into her untenanted body, but the jewel is stolen before he can reverse this...
The Red Hand
The Shining Pyramid - Strange arrangements of stones appear at the edge of a young man's property. He and a friend attempt to decipher their meaning before it's too late...
The Terror - In 1916 wartime Britain a series of unexplained murders occur with no sign of who or what is responsible.
The Great Return - The Holy Grail returns to a Welsh village.
The Bowmen (1914) - In this story, written and published during World War I, the ghosts of archers from the battle of Agincourt come to the aid of British troops. This is attributed (by some at least) as the origin of the Angels of Mons legend.
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