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Ladislaus III of Poland Biography
Ladislaus III (Polish Władysław Warneńczyk) (October 31, 1424 - November 10, 1444), son of king Ladislaus II Jagiello of Poland, was the second Jagiellonian king of Poland, reigning from 1434 until his death. He also reigned as king of Hungary from 1440 under the name Ulászló I. He died fighting the Ottoman Turkish army at Varna, now in eastern Bulgaria, hence his later Polish nickname Warneńczyk (Latin: Varnensis). He was succeeded in Poland by his younger brother Casimir.

As a sign of respect, there is a boulevard in Varna, called Vladislav Varnenchik, as well as a football team in past times. There is also a symbolic mausoleum of Ladislaus III in Varna.

Names in other languages: Polish, Władysław III Warneńczyk, Slovak /Bulgarian /Czech: Vladislav I, Hungarian:Ulászló I
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