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Howard Kazanjian Biography
Howard G. Kazanjian is an American filmmaker, respected producer and author, most notably having served as executive producer on Raiders of the Lost Ark and producer on Return Of The Jedi, two of the biggest films of all time.

During filming of Return Of The Jedi, Kazanjian is credited with the idea to utilize the guise of filming a fictitious movie to disguise the actual production, and throw off any press and nosy fans. The fictitious film was titled Blue Harvest, which was purported to be a horror film with the tag line "horror beyond imagination". Hats and t-shirts were printed up for the crew to wear and to further add to the authenticity of the ruse.

In 2004 Kazanjian authored The Cowboy and the Senorita : A Biography of Roy Rogers and Dale Evans ISBN 0762730536 and Happy Trails : A Pictorial Celebration of the Lives of Roy Rogers and Dale Evans ISBN 0762730897

1981 Emmy award for The Making of Raiders of the Lost Ark
1982 Inkpot Award winner
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