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Moshe Katsav Biography
Moshe Katsav (משה קצב mosheh qaṣṣāḇ, born December 5, 1945) is the current President of Israel (since 2000).

Moshe Katsav was born in Yazd, Iran. He moved with his family to Tehran when he was an infant; in August 1951, they emigrated to Israel. He joined the Likud party and became the mayor of Kiryat Malachi, a small town in Israel. He was subsequently elected as a Member of the Knesset.

After serving as a Minister in a number of Likud governments he vied for the position of President, running against Shimon Peres. In a surprising upset, he defeated Peres to become the president of Israel.

Moshe Katsav's policies are directed at the full restoration of a Jewish state, and the collaboration of a long-term plan to allow for the establishment of a Palestinian state. Among his ideas are the "separation fence", which is designed to prevent militant Palestinians from entering Israel.
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