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Yoko Kanno Biography
Yoko Kanno (菅野 よう子) is a famous composer known for her work in anime titles such as Macross Plus, The Vision of Escaflowne, Cowboy Bebop, Rahxephon, Wolf's Rain, Ghost in the shell Stand Alone Complex, and others. She also has created game music for Koei. Some of her most famous music pieces are "Tank! (Cowboy Bebop theme)", "Voices (Macross Plus)", "Dance of Curse (Escaflowne)", "Gravity (Wolf's Rain)", and "Rush (Cowboy Bebop)."

There is some speculation that one of her frequently hired vocalists, Gabriela Robin, is Kanno herself under a pseudonym.

Hired Vocalists
Pierre Bensusan
Emily Bindiger
Donna Burke
Steve Conte
Tulivu-Donna Cumberbatch
Emily Curtis
Ilaria Graziano
Reynada Hill
Scott Matthew
Kaoru Nishino
Soichiro Otsuka
Raju Ramayya
Jadwiga Rappé
Gabriela Robin
Maaya Sakamoto
Franco Sansalone
Artur Stefanowicz
Sydney Thiam
Carla Vallet
Mai Yamane
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