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Ismail Kadare Biography
Ismail Kadare was born on January 28, 1936 in Gjirokastėr, Albania. He is probably the most well known Albanian writer. Kadare has studied at the Faculty of History and Philology at the University of Tirana and at the Gorky Institute of World Literature in Moscow. After feeling threatened by the communist regime in Albania, he moved to France in October 1990, just before the collapse of the regime. In 1999, Kadare returned to Albania. He has received many literature awards, is a member of the French Association of Writers, and has been nominated for the Nobel Prize. Some of his greatest works (some published in France) include:

My Century (Shekulli Im) 1961
The General of the Dead Army (Gjenerali i Ushtrisė sė Vdekur) 1963
Why These Mountains Brood (Pėrse Mendohen Kėto Male) 1964
The Wedding (Dasma) 1968
The Castle (Kėshtjella) 1970
Chronicle in Stone (Kronikė nė gurė) 1971
The Great Winter (Dimri i Madh) 1977
The Three-Arched Bridge (Ura Me Tri Harqe) 1978
Broken April (Pėrilli i Thyer) 1980
Gjakftohtėsia 1980
Literary Works (Vepra Letrare) 1981-1989
The Concert at the End of the Winter (Koncert nė Fund tė Dimrit) 1988
The Pyramid (La Pyramide) 1992
Albanie 1995
Počmes 1997
Froides Fleurs D'Avril (Spring Flower, Spring Frost)2000
Elegy for Kosovo 2000
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