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Thomas Gambier Parry Biography
Thomas Gambier Parry (February 22, 1816 September 28, 1888) was an English artist and collecter of 14th century and 15th century Italian art. He is best remembered for his development of the Gambier Parry process of fresco painting.

Thomas's parents, Richard and Mary Parry of Banstead, Surrey, died when he was young and he was raised by his maternal aunts and uncles, the Gambiers. He moved to Highnam Court, Gloucestershire when he was 21 and, in 1839, he married Anna Maria Isabella Fynes-Clinton. Only two of their six children survived to adulthood, Clinton Charles Parry and Hubert Hastings Parry, Isabella surviving the birth of Hubert in 1848 by only twelve days.

In 1851, Gambier Parry married Ethelinda Lear, with whom he parented six children.
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