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Werner Finck Biography
Werner Finck (May 2, 1902 - July 31, 1978) was a German comedian, an actor with "comic bones". He could read the phone book and it would seem extremely funny.

He was imprisoned on several occasions during the Third Reich for making ironic remarks about the regime. He became a legend in his lifetime, so after the war, when he introduced himself to British and American journalists as Werner Finck, he was frequently met with disbelief, as it was widely assumed that the "Werner Finck" who had joked about Nazis and the military was a fairy-tale figure.

One of the anecdotes about him says that during the Third Reich, in a show, Finck once noticed a Gestapo officer making notes. Finck confronted the informer asking, "Am I talking too fast ? Do you want me to slow down so you can follow ?" As always, this was done with the facial expression of an innocent child. The way Finck presented his jokes made it very difficult for authorities to nail him down.

Eventually Werner Finck joined the army as a common soldier, to avert imprisonment. He later used his wartime exploits for a cabaret programme: Der brave Soldat schweigt (The Brave Soldier Shuts Up - also in reference to Jaroslav Hasek's The Good Soldier Svejk).

He was constantly in financial trouble and appeared in many mediocre films.
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