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Angelines Fernandez Biography
Angelines Fernandez (1922-1994) was an actress from Spain who found fame in Mexico.

Fernández struggled as an actress in Spain. She flew to Mexico in 1947. Although she never became a nationalized Mexican, she would remain there for the rest of her life, except for international tours and a short stint in Cuba during the late 1940s. In 1950, she returned to Mexico permanently.

Angelines Fernández acted in fourteen movies, including some with Cantinflas and other famous Mexican actors of the era. While she attempted at becoming a telenovela actress once the telenovela era ushered in, it wasn't until she was hired in 1970 to play La bruja del 71 in El Chavo del Ocho that she cemented her status as a legend. She also participated in Chespiritos other show, El Chapulin Colorado. She got that job when she asked her personal friend, Ramon Valdez, if he knew of any acting jobs she might be able to do.

Ironically, it was with El Chavo... and El Chapulin... that she achieved fame in her native Spain. The two Chespirito productions became wide international hits, reaching virtually every country in the Americas and also other, non Spanish speaking countries as well. The shows are still shown with re-runs in many countries.

She lived a rather obscure life after the shows ended in 1978, despite touring all over Latin America occasionally (sometimes with the entire cast of both shows, sometimes with a couple other members, other times by herself), acting as La bruja on public shows.

An acknowledged tobacco smoker, she died in 1994 from a tobacco related disease. She is buried at the Mausoleo de los Ángeles in Mexico City, place where other, mostly Mexican, legends are buried.
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