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Magali Febles Biography
Magali Febles (born approx. 1965) is a famous Dominican-Puerto Rican beautician. She is the owner of the Magali Febles Salon and Spa in San Juan.

Febles was named in 2003 as new national director of the Miss Puerto Rico contest. As such, she will travel each year to the Miss Universe contest with Puerto Rico's representantives while she holds that position. In May of 2003 she travelled to Panama to watch for every detail concerning the care and behaviour of Miss Puerto Rico 2003, Carla Tricoli, in the weeks before the 2003 Miss Universe contest.

Febles gained nationwide fame in Puerto Rico towards the late 1990s and the early 2000s, as the organizers of both Miss Puerto Rico Universe and Miss World Puerto Rico contests began assigning her to care for every detail concerning their respective winner's beauty care. She has been the object of many newspaper and magazine articles, and, after Tricoli won the Miss Puerto Rico contest, Periodico El Vocero published a photo article that showed her flying with Tricoli to Tricoli's native town of Vieques, where they were received by a small gathering of fans at Vieques airport.

Rumors surfaced, in September of 2003, that Febles is interested in becoming the national director of the Miss Republica Dominicana contest too. At the time, Febles did not deny or confirm this, saying only that that seems like an interesting idea.

On November of 2003, with Amelia Vega by her side, she was announced as the new national director of Miss Republica Dominicana,becoming the first Puerto Rican to head two Miss Universe affiliated contests at the same time.
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