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Gordon S. Fahrni Biography
Dr. Gordon Samuel Fahrni, (April 13, 1887 - November 3, 1995) was born in Gladstone, Manitoba. He served as President of the Canadian Medical Association from 1941-1942. Fahrni was also the founder of the American Goitre Association and became its President in 1928. He was acknowledged as an expert on goitre surgery in North America, and was also well known as a military physician. Interestingly, he was instrumental in the establishment of the Medical Procurment and Assignment Board for the Canadian Military. Fahrni retired from the medical practice in 1965 after being a medical practitioner for 54 years.

Fahrni was also an avid outdoorsman and golfer. On his 100th birthday, he was featured in the Score golf magazine.

When he died in 1995 at the astounding age of 108, Dr. Fahrni was unquestionably Canada's (maybe even the world's) longest-lived physician.
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