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Amor De Cosmos Biography
Amor De Cosmos (August 20, 1825 - July 4, 1897) was a Canadian journalist and politician.

De Cosmos was born as William Alexander Smith in Nova Scotia. He changed his name to "Amor De Cosmos" (for "Lover of the Universe") in 1854,in California by the California legislature.

In 1858 he settled on Vancouver Island and founded a newspaper, The British Colonist. He worked for entry of British Columbia into Canadian confederation and clashed with governor James Douglas. De Cosmos organised the Confederation League to fight for the colony's admission to confederation and for the granting of responsible government. Both goals were achieved in 1871.

De Cosmos served as a member of the legislative assembly of Vancover Island from 1863 to 1866 and was appointed to British Columbia's legislative council in 1867.

Amor De Cosmos was the premier of British Columbia, Canada, from December 23, 1872, to February 11, 1874 and was concurrently a Liberal member of the Canadian House of Commons. Accordingly, during his short tenure as premier he spent most of his time in Ottawa and had few legislative achievements. His government supported the implementation of free, non-sectarian public schooling, extended the rights of married women and introduced the secret ballot. He lost his seat in the 1882 federal election, went insane in 1895 and died in 1897.
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