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Priscilla Davis Biography
Priscilla Davis (1942 - February 19, 2001) was shot on the 4000 Block Mockingbird Lane in the upscale southwest side in Fort Worth, Texas, along with her daughter, Andrea Wilborn, her boyfriend, Stan Farr, and a friend Gus "Bubba" Gavrel, on August 2, 1976. Andrea Wilborn and Stan Farr died, and Priscilla and Bubba were injured.

Priscilla was born as Priscilla Childers. She was in a poor family, but she was so beautiful that she attracted some of the richest men in Texas. She was a flamboyant woman whom openly flaunted her wealth. She was married to one of the richest men in Texas, T. Cullen Davis. She filed for divorce in 1974 and claimed Cullen was abusive. Cullen was as reserved as Priscilla was flamboyant. They couldn't stand each other. The divorce was messy, and Cullen was forced to pay Priscilla 5,000 dollars per month for separate maintenance, and another 52,000 dollars in legal fees.

A killer entered the Mockingbird Mansion and found Andrea Wilborn. He took her to the basement, and had her kneel down. He then shot her in the chest.

Then, Priscilla and Stan came in. The killer shot Priscilla Davis in the chest, but she survived. Priscilla helplessly saw the killer shoot Stan Farr in the neck. Stan was athletic, however, and struggled with the killer. The killer shot Stan dead with four more shots. Priscilla ran off away from the mansion, but collapsed. The killer than started to drag her into the mansion. Priscilla was calling the killer "Cullen", because he was likely her husband.

Beverly Bass, a friend of Priscilla's older daughter Dee, was accompanied by 22-year old Gus "Bubba" Gavrel, when she and Bubba found Priscilla being dragged aside. The killer injured Gus with a shot from his gun. Gus helplessly watched the killer go after Beverley. Priscilla was able to put enough distance between the killer and Bass, so Bass was able to get the attention of a passing car and escape the killer with Priscilla.

Police found 30-year old Stan Farr in a pool of blood at the mansion, and they also found Andrea Wilborn dead.

T. Cullen Davis was tried and found innocent for the murder of Andrea Wilborn. He allegedly had a plot to kill Judge Joe Edison, Beverly Bass, and Priscilla. The evidence was that an FBI agent went undercover as a hit man to Davis, and took photos of the Judge 'dead' in a car trunk, and gave Davis some of the judge's personal items, and told him the judge was dead, to which Davis replied 'good'. In fact, he gave an envelope full of cash to the FBI agent, and told him to kill several more people including Priscilla and others. This was all caught on video and audio tape.

The jury acquitted him because it claimed it couldn't accept that a rich man would have people killed. The real reason the jury did this remains a mystery but Davis' history of jury tampering and getting around the justice system leaves little doubt in people's minds as to what sort of man Davis was.

Priscilla died from breast cancer. She had never remarried, and her self worth had plummeted. The rest of her life was quiet.
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