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Glenn Danzig Biography
Glenn Danzig was born Glenn Anzalone on June 23, 1955. Before forming The Misfits with Jerry Only in 1977, he was in several bands, including Talus and Whodat And Boojang. In 1983 he left the Misfits to devote his full attention to his side project, Samhain. In 1986, he changed the name of the band to Danzig.

Glenn Danzig owns a comic book publishing company called Verotik, which publishes dark comics intended for an adult audience.

Glenn Danzig made a brief appearance in the film The Prophecy II, as the fallen angel Samyael.

Glenn also provided a voiceover to Cartoon Network TV show Aqua Teen Hunger Force portraying himself attempting to purchase a house with blood flowing from its' walls, and faucets.

Solo Discography
1988 - Danzig I by Danzig
1989 - Lucifuge by Danzig
1992 - Danzig III: How the Gods Kill by Danzig
1993 - Black Aria
1993 - Thrall: Demonsweatlive by Danzig
1994 - Danzig 4 by Danzig
1996 - Blackacidevil by Danzig
1999 - 6:66 Satan's Child by Danzig
2001 - Live on the Black Hand Side by Danzig
2002 - I Luciferi by Danzig
2004 - Circle of Snakes by Danzig

Albums played on
1978 - Bullet by The Misfits
1979 - Beware by The Misfits
1981 - Evilive by The Misfits
1982 - Walk Among Us by The Misfits
1983 - Earth A.D./Wolfsblood by The Misfits
1984 - Earth A.D./Die Die My Darling by The Misfits
1984 - Initium by Samhain
1985 - Unholy Passion by Samhain
1986 - Misfits by The Misfits
1986 - November-Coming-Fire by Samhain
1989 - Personal CD Compilation by The Misfits
1990 - Final Descent by Samhain
1995 - Static Age by The Misfits
1995 - Collection by The Misfits
1996 - Box Set by The Misfits
2000 - Box Set by Samhain
2001 - 12 Hits From Hell by The Misfits
2002 - Samhain Live '85-'86 by Samhain
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