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Herbert Danby (20 January 1889 - 29 March 1953) was a Anglican priest and writer who played a central role in the change of attitudes toward Judaism at the start of the twentieth century. He was the regus professor of Hebrew and Canon at Christ Church, Oxford, and also the Residentiary Canon of St. George's Cathedral in Jerusalem.. He translated the Mishna into English. He assisted in the Yale Translation of the Mishna Torah of Maimonides. He also translated a remarkable work by Joseph Klausner entitled Jesus of Nazareth.

His contributions to the decline of anti-semitism in intellectual circles in the twentieth century was very significant. He was at work revising his translation of Maimonides' Book of Cleanness when he finally succumed to his fatal illness. Among his close friends were Professor G. R. Driver of Oxford University and Dr. Isadore Epstein of Jews College, London.
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