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Ernst Bloch Biography
Ernst Bloch (July 8, 1885 - August 4, 1977) was a German philosopher. He was born in Ludwigshafen, the son of an assimilated Jewish railway-employee. After studying philosophy, he married Else von Stritzky, daughter of a Baltic brewer. His second wife was Karola Bloch, whom he married 1934 in Vienna. When the Nazis came to power, they had to flee, first into Switzerland, then to Austria, France, Czecheslovakia, and finally the USA. Bloch returned to the GDR in 1949 and got a chair for philosophy in Leipzig. When the wall was built in 1961, he did not return to the GDR, but went to Tübingen in the FRG, where he received a honorary chair in Philosophy. He died in Tübingen.

Bloch's work became very influential in the course of the student's protest in 1968.

Das Prinzip Hoffnung (Frankfurt 1959), written between 1938-1947 in the USA
Geist der Utopie
Erbschaft dieser Zeit (Zürich 1935)
Atheismus im Christentum
Subjekt-Objekt, Erläuterungen zu Hegel
Naturrecht und menschliche Würde
Thomas Münzer als Theologe der Revolution
Experimentum Mundi
Spuren (Berlin 1930)
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