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Brian Blessed Biography
Brian Blessed is a respected English actor. He is a large charismatic man with a booming voice who often plays powerful men in Shakespearian and medieval dramas. He was born 1936-10-09, the son of a South Yorkshire miner.

He has been criticised for what his critics see as his use of shouting as an all-purpose characterization technique and was described by one magazine as "the loudest man alive".

Blessed is also an adventurer. He has tried three times to climb Mount Everest, climbing higher than any other man of his age in 1993.

Blessed currently lives in Surrey. He is married to Hildegarde Neil and has a daughter, Rosalind.

Selected roles
1976 - I, Claudius - Caesar Augustus
1980 - Flash Gordon - Prince Vultan
1983 - Blackadder - Richard IV
1989 - Henry V (1989 film) - Exeter
1991 - Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves - Lord Locksley
1999 - Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace - Boss Nass
1999 - Tarzan - Clayton (voice)
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