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Galo Blanco Biography
Galo Blanco (born October 8, 1976) is a professional tennis player from Oviedo, Spain. Blanco is a member of the men's professional tour since 1995.

Most of Blanco's early professional tour appearances were earned by qualifying for tournaments. He would do so by winning the qualifier's rounds that are usually played before the tournaments themselves, to fill one last tournament spot. It was that way that he was able to participate at the Fairmonts tournament in Scottsdale, Arizona in 1996, for example.

Blanco eventually began to be invited to tournaments, and his name has gained reasonable importance in the men's professional circuit. He came closest to winning a Grand Slam title in 1997, reaching the quarterfinals of the French Open.

He lost in the second round of the 2004 Australian Open. He is currently ranked #99 among men in the world.
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