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Gerard Bessette Biography
Gerard Bessette (born February 25, 1920) is a noted French Canadian author.

He was born in Ste Anne de Sabrevois, Quebec and attended the University of Montreal where he studied literature and already began to publish works of poetry. One of his most famous works is Le Libraire which is an existentialist tale of a book store employee in a small Quebec town in the fifties. It deals with one of Bessette's most common themes which is the stifling culture of Quebec in the fifties. Bessette became a professor first at RMC and then at Queen's. In 1980, he won the Prix David in 1980, Quebec's highest literary honour. He currently lives in retirement in Kingston, Ontario.

La Bagarre - 1958
Le Libraire - 1960
Les Pédagogue - 1961
Poèems Temporels - 1962
L'Incubation - 1965
Un Littérature en Ébullition - 1968
Le Cycle - 1971
Trois Romanciers Québécois - 1973
La Commensale - 1975
Les Anthropoïdes - 1977
Mes Roman et Moi - 1979
Le Semestre - 1979
La Garden-Party De Christophine - 1980
Les Dired D'Omer Marin - 1985
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