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Richard (Ric) Berger (1894-1984) was a Swiss professor of design, decoration, and art history. At the age of 18 he became interested in universal languages as an ardent Esperantist. He was the editor of the magazine "Cosmoglotta", run by the Occidental-Union, for 20 years, and he was responsible for changing the name of the Occidental language to Interlingue. From January 1959 to December 1963 he was secretary general of UMI and simultaneously editor of the magazine "Currero". Author of more than 20 books about art and historic monuments in Switzerland, a large number of thematic notebooks in Interlingua, especially on the history of international auxiliary languages. He edited the "Revista de Interlingua" (which ceased with his death) from 1966 to 1983; in total, more than 6,000 pages sent to 60 countries, and manuals in several languages. Remembrance in "Currero" no. 78/1984.

"Europe is divided by the walls of 30 languages. Happily, among these national languages, about 10,000 words of Greek and Latin origin are common. This precious linguistic treasure should be used to the utmost without mutilating a single word or inventing others."
Revista de Interlingua no 48, 1970
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