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David Bellamy Biography
Professor David J. Bellamy OBE. BSc., PhD., Hon:- FLS,. FIBiol., DSc., DUniv., FIBiol., FCIWEM Hon (born 1933) is an English professor, botanist, author, broadcaster and environmental campaigner.

He attended Sutton County Grammar School, Sutton, Chelsea College of Science and Technology and Bedford College, all in London.

He was brought up as a strict Baptist.

Bellamy and his wife Rosemary, whom he maried when he was 19, have five children - four are adopted.

He originally trained as a botanist at Durham University, where he later held the post of senior lecturer in botany until 1982. He is still their Honorary Preofessor for Adult and Continuing Education.

He first came to public prminence as an envoironmental cibsultant at the time of the Torrey Canyon disaster.

In 1983, he was jailed for blockading the Franklin River in protest at a proposed dam.

He has been the writer and presenter of some 400 television programmes on Botany, Ecology and Environment.

In 1997, he stood against John Major for the anti-European Referendum party.

He is the originator along, with David Shreeve and The Conservation Foundation (which he also founded), of the Ford European Conservation Awards and has published over 80 scientific papers.

Belamy also holds or has held these positions:

Professor Adult and Continuing Education, University of Durham.
Hon. Prof. University of Central Queensland, Faculty of Engineering and Physical Systems
Special Professor of Botany, (Geography), University of Nottingham.
President of:
The Conservation Foundation
The Wildlife Trusts partnership
Population Concern
Coral Cay Conservation
National Association for Environmental Education
British Naturalists Association
Galapagos Conservation Trust
British Institute of Cleaning Science
Vice President:
British Trust for Conservation Volunteers
Fauna and Flora International
Marine Conservation Society
Australian Marine Conservation Society
Trustee of the Living Landscape Trust
Hon Fellow Chartered Institute of Water and Environmental Management
Chair of the international committee for the Tourism for Tomorrow Awards.
Recipient of:

The Dutch Order of the Golden Ark
the U.N.E.P. Global 500 Award
The Duke of Edinburgh's Award for Underwater Research
BAFTA, Richard Dimbleby Award
BSAC Diver of The Year Award

Bellamy has authored at least 45 books:

Bellamy on Botany (1972)
Peatlands (1973)
Bellamy's Britain (1974)
Life Giving Sea (1975)
Green Worlds (1975)
The World of Plants (1975)
It's Life (1976)
Bellamy's Europe (1976)
Botanic Action (1978)
Botanic Man (1978)
Half of Paradise (1978)
Forces of Life (1979)
Bellamy's Backyard Safari (1981)
The Great Seasons (with Sheila Mackie, illustrator; Hodder & Stoughton, 1981)
Il Libro Verde (1981)
The Mouse Book (1983)
Bellamy's New World (1983)
The Queen's Hidden Garden (1984)
I Spy (1985)
Bellamy's Ireland (1986)
Turning The Tide (1986)
Bellamy's Changing Countryside (1987)
England's Last Wilderness (1989)
England's Lost Wilderness (1990)
Wildernes Britain (1990)
How Green Are You? (1991)
Tomorrow's Earth (1991)
World Medicine: Plants, Patients and People (1992)
Blooming Bellamy (1993)
Trees of the World (1993)
Golly Green Giant (autobiography, 2002, Century, ISBN 0712683593)

Discovering the Countryside with David Bellamy
Bellamy was "consultant editor and contributor" for this series, published by Hamlyn in conjunction with the Royal Society for Nature Conservation:

Coastal Walks (1982; ISBN: 0 600 35588 2)
Woodland Walks (1982; ISBN: 0 600 35658 2)
Waterside Walks (1983; ISBN: 0 600 35636 1)
Grassland Walks (1983; ISBN: 0 600 35637 X)
David Bellamy Resources
David Bellamy Conservation Awards
The BH& HPA’s David Bellamy Conservation Awards have celebrated and inspired an amazing variety of conservation projects in camping, caravan and holiday home parks across the UK.
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