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Chris Bell Biography
Chris Bell is currently a Democratic member of Congress for Texas District 25 in Houston elected in 2002. He was defeated in a Democratic primary for District 9 which replaced District 25 in a redistricting by Al Green, the former President of the Houston NAACP in a primary election on March 9, 2004. About half of the constituents from the old District 25 were placed in the new District 9, which is a more ethnically diverse seat. District 9's population is 37 per cent black, 30 per cent Hispanic, 21 per cent white and 11 per cent Asian.

He filed an ethics complaint against Tom DeLay on June 15, 2004, ending a 7-year truce between the parties. Both have accused each other of intent to create personal defamation.

Chris Bell is also a singer, songwriter and guitarist born on January 25, 1951 in Memphis, Tennessee. Along with Alex Chilton, he led the power pop band Big Star, who recorded during the early 1970s. Chris Bell left the group after their first album, #1 Record, but contributed some music and lyrics to their second LP, 1974's Radio City. He recorded as a solo artist in the 1970s; these recordings, including "I Am the Cosmos," "I Got Kinda Lost" and "You and Your Sister" (the last a duet with Chilton) remained unreleased until 1992's I Am the Cosmos. He died on December 27, 1978 in an automobile accident in Memphis.

Although Alex Chilton has become famous for his work with Big Star, the group seems to have been the brainchild of Bell, and producer Terry Manning appears to have been an integral part of the band, at least during the recording of #1 Record. Bell seems to have been even more of a musical Anglophile than Chilton, whose subsequent career has seen him turn toward soul music, R&B, and European pop.
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