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Mauril Belanger Biography
Mauril Belanger is a Canadian Member of Parliament. He is a member of the governing Liberal Party and is also Deputy Government House Leader.

Bélanger was born in Mattawa, Ontario, a small logging town in Eastern Ontario. He attended the University of Ottawa where he was heavily involved in student politics and stayed in Ottawa working in government and the private sector.

He was first elected to parliament on February 13, 1995 in a by-election after his predecessor was appointed to the Senate. Bélanger represents a largely francophone riding of Ottawa-Vanier in eastern Ottawa. It is one of the most solidly Liberal ridings having returned a Liberal since 1935, usually in a landslide. Bélanger has continued this trend won by large margins in the 1997 election and 2000 election.

During the Chretien administration he was a permanent back-bencher and attracted very little notice. Belanger became a close ally of Paul Martin and became an organizer of his leadership bid. When Martin became Prime Minister in 2003 Belanger was given the cabinet position of deputy government house leader. In July 2004 he was also made Associate Minister of National Defence.

Bélanger has been a noted advocate for the rights of Franco-Ontariens.
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