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Barrington Bayley Biography
Barrington John Bayley was born in 1937 in Birmingham, United Kingdom. He is best known for being an inventive science fiction writer, whose works in both novel and short story form weave profound metaphysical topics with more traditional science fictional fare.

Star Virus (1970)
Annihilation Factor (1972)
Empire of Two Worlds (1972)
Collision with Chronos, a.k.a. Collision Course (1972)
Chronopolis, a.k.a. The Fall of Chronopolis (1974)
The Soul of the Robot (1974)
The Garments of Caean (1976)
The Grand Wheel (1977)
Star Winds (1978)
The Pillars of Eternity (1982)
The Zen Gun (1982)
The Forest of Peldain (1985)
The Rod of Light (1985)
The Great Hydration (200?)
The Sinners of Erspia (200?)

The Knights of the Limits (1979)
The Seed of Evil (1979)
Gnostic Endings (forthcoming)
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