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Peter Bagge Biography
Peter Bagge is an American comics artist whose works include Hate, Neat Stuff, Martini Baton and Sweatshop. Bagge was also an editor of Weirdo. He writing is typically humorous and his art is cartoony (as opposed to realisitic). Characters are typically young people in realistic situations.

His most well known work, the series 'Hate', became popular with in the grunge rock movement, even among people who were not comics fans.

Peter Bagge is one of the most successful of the alternative comics creators, although as his success has increased he has taken on many of the trappings of mainstream comics - his comics are now typically produced by a 'team', the subject matter of his latest effort Sweatshop is less edgy, he is now published by the a mainstream publisher, DC Comics.

Peter Bagge contributes to Reason and pens the coveted "Adventures of Batboy" for the Weekly World News.
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