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Sebastian Bach Biography
Sebastian Bach (born April 3, 1968) was the lead vocalist of the 1980s heavy metal bands Madam X and Skid Row. Born in Freeport, Bahamas as Sebastian Bierk, he eventually changed his last name to Bach so that it would resemble composer Johann Sebastian Bach's name (no relation).

Bach was invited to join Skid Row in 1986 when guitarist Dave Sabo heard him sing at a music producer's wedding. Sabo sent him a videotape of the band playing and Bach subsequently joined Skids. After reaching the top of the charts with Skids, Bach was eventually kicked out of Skid Row in 1995 for his wild, in-your-face attitude that attracted media criticism. He was openly homophobic and is quoted saying "AIDS kill fags dead", got in numerous bar fights, and also made death threats. His most brash stunt was jumping off of the stage during a concert and breaking a 17-year-old girl's skull after she threw a bottle at him. This was caught on video tape and he was sentenced to 3 years probation.

He formed Sebastian Bach and Friends after being removed from Skid Row -- a band that has since failed. As of late he has been performing in the Broadway productions of The Rocky Horror Show and Jekyll & Hyde. In early 2002 he became the host of VH1's Forever Wild.

In October 2002 he was signed to perform in the national touring production of Jesus Christ Superstar and played the role of Jesus successfully in the show until April 2003, when he was fired for alleged diva-like behavior. He is currently working on a DVD version of VH1's Forever Wild that will be released in June.
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